Clinical Laser Equipment financing

Clinical Laser Equipment financing

When you consider the amount of medical equipment that is located in hospitals, GP surgeries and other clinics in the UK the amount of money invested in this sector is overwhelming. The management of the NHS is in the news on a weekly basis because we are told that the trusts are unable to get by on the 100’s of millions of pounds they get given every year.

I have worked extensively over many years providing finance to all levels of hospitals and clinics both private and NHS. One thing that has always struck me as being a way to make the NHS (in particular) work is to leave the equipment decision making to the clinicians and not the managers. When an innovative financing scheme goes in to a Trust involving serious levels of equipment the panel of managers always includes clinicians – this is because they know what the equipment does and the most efficient use for it – what that means is that the installation works, the patients are treated and most importantly the numbers work! Most Consultants have private patients – use them to finance the main operation and let the NHS piggy back off the installation – result – minimum outlay for the Trust and more money in their coffers to run themselves day to day – as a formula it works. Even on a smaller level we have just concluded the first transaction for a manufacturer of Clinical Laser Equipment under a programme to supply these to doctors, dentists and beauty clinics – two machines at £37,000 – flexible rental to enable clients to match payments with the sales they get from customers having treatments – the clients book appointments and pay for the treatments – the number of treatments established at the outset means that the finance is easily paid for with good profits on top!

A very good solution which we shall use again!

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